We use Casmara specialized treatments and masks. Casmara is a premium skin care range from Spain and performed in the best spa’s and medi clinics world wide. These treatments use nature’s own ingredients to energize and increase cellular reactivation to help nourish the skin. The algae, biostimulins and vitamins in these masks have a regenerating cellular effect.

Cosmetic Procedures:

Diamond Microdermabrasion
LED Light Therapy
Chemical Peel

* All procedures come with an all natural Casmara peel off mask suited for your treatment.


We don’t just give our clients a couple of options to choose from. We’ve implemented a variety of different facials, scrubs, and wraps to ensure we’re catering to every skin type and problem!


We’ve done our research and are proud to carry a skincare line that provides proven results that keep our clients happy and coming back for Thornhill esthetic spa treatments at Santé Healing Spa.


Salt cave therapy is still uncommon, especially offered in conjunction with flotation sessions, facials and body scrubs! We pride ourselves on our unique variety of services in a cozy, non-clinical setting.

Esthetic Services

Here at Santé Healing Spa, we offer a wide selection of rejuvenating esthetic services for the body, mind and soul. From cleansing facials, to detoxifying body wraps, body scrubs, reflexology treatments, and cosmetic procedures like LED light therapy, diamond microdermabrasion, micro currant, and chemical peels, we take pride in offering only the best. We use a reputable line from Spain called Casmara for our facial treatments. Casmara formulas use nature’s ingredients to energize and increase cellular reactivation and help nourish the skin. The algae, biostimulins and vitamins in these masks have a remarkable regenerating cellular effect. With tons of different scrubs and wraps to choose from based on of your needs, our estheticians will help you choose the esthetic treatments in Thornhill that are just right for you!


All of our Santé Healing Spa services are mindfully provided in a cozy, tranquil, and relaxing room set up for one or two people, depending on whether you are coming for a solo treatment or bringing a friend or significant other for a romantic couple’s treatment. Our healing massages and esthetic treatment sessions take place in the same room, so you can easily start with a massage and then end with a cleansing facial or invigorating scrub without even having to switch to another room! Try pairing our deep cleansing facial with a Dead Sea black mud body wrap. Or, a eucalyptus and mint body scrub with a green clay wrap. No matter what combo you choose, the results will stay with you as you go about your day renewed.

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What clients say about
Sante Healing Spa services

Salt Cave therapy did wonders to me, and quite unexpectedly I must admit. I went there on a recommendation of my cousin and I can attest that my issues have been improved greatly after a number of sessions.
We usually go to Sante Spa with the whole family that includes my wife and two daughters. We all benefit greatly from the services we receive and we all feel reinvigorated after the treatments. Thank you guys, we will see you soon!
We are really appreciative of the level of professional care we received and are really happy about the results it produced for us! Thank you very much!