All Scrubs – 30 minutes

Sante Signature Himalayan Scrub

This luxurious Pink Salt Scrub will not only nourish your skin with 84 minerals, it will also leave your skin feeling smooth and silky from head to toe.

Bamboo Scrub

The organic silica extracted from the nodes of female bamboo stems, is perfect for microdermabrasion because it improves skin refinement and give the skin a natural glow.

Cranberry Body Polish

This ant-oxidant body scrub for an anti-aging effect is an extremely rich (cranberry’s seeds and powder) and greedy-coloured exfoliating paste. By adding grape seed oil, it has a protecting filmogen effect preserving an ideal moisturizing’s degree. Mainly used on mature and sensitive skin.

Coffee & Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Caffeine is well know for improving lipolysis. It works by breaking up fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Triglycerides (the fat) are split up in small fatty acids, making them easier to drain away. Antioxidants counteract oxidation to fight visible signs of aging. Coffee contains vitamins PP, B3 & E which moisturizes and keeps skin elasticity.

Sweet Espresso

If you love the smell of fresh coffee, you’ll love the boost of this scrub! While its pleasing your senses, it buffs away old dead skin to reveal a fresh new layer of glowing, soft skin, Plus the natural source of caffeine from the coffee combined with the glycolic acid from the two sugars make our coffee/sugar body scrub a great compliment to any cellulite treatment.

Marine Salt with Laminaria Algae & Lotus

This scrub is made with marine salt, rich in trace-elements. Containing Laminaria Algae and marine elements. Scientific evidence prove that marine elements are able to penetrate through the skin. Lotus flower fragrance.

Wide selection

We offer 11 different body scrub treatments in Thornhill. With more options than you will find at other spas, our clients are given the choice between salt scrubs and sugar scrubs for sensitive skin.

Natural & organic

We pride ourselves on being a holistic health spa. That’s why all our scrubs are made from only the best quality natural and organic ingredients! After all, you can’t compromise on health.

Rejuvenates Skin

Our scrubs eliminate the buildup of dead skin to leave you soft and glowing. The essentials oil scrubs, for example, tone expertly, decreasing the appearance of pores, moisturizing, and regenerating your skin!

Unique Body Scrubs

We offer a variety of different Thornhill body scrubs at our spa. Choose from a variety of seductive salt scrubs and essential oil sugar scrubs (11 in total). Each scrub provides unique benefits. The Sweet Espresso scrub, for example, reduces cellulite, whereas the Chocolate scrub is great for next-level moisturizing, and the Bamboo scrub is perfect for microdermabrasion because it improves skin refinement, giving the skin a natural glow. Since the sugar scrubs are blended with natural essential oils, they are particularly helpful for those with excessively dry or sensitive skin, as sugar is gentler than salt. At Santé Healing Spa, we’re happy to offer our clients more body scrubs in Thornhill than most spas. We love catering to different needs and skin types, leaving everyone satisfied!

Special Treatments

All scrubs last 30 minutes and their costs range from $55 to $65 for our more gentle essential oil sugar scrubs. Essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making them truly great for acne-prone skin. Depending on the scrub you choose, your body will benefit from powerful detoxification, mineral nourishment, anti-oxidation, next-level moisturization, and even better circulation and lymphatic flow. No matter what, you’ll feel rejuvenated and leave glowing. Scrubs can be done all on their own or paired divinely with a body wrap. Indeed, some scrubs even have a matching wrap (the Chocolate scrub, for example). Any other service we provide at our Thornhill body scrubs spa can of course also be paired as you see fit to provide the healing treatment of your dreams!

– Essential Oil Sugar Scrubs –

All Essential Oil Scrubs – 30 minutes

These scrubs soothe the skin and eliminate the build up of dead skin. The application of an essential oil sugar scrub increases blood flow and circulation, while boosting lymphatic flow. Essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it great for acne-prone skin. The natural oils act as a toner, decreasing the appearance of pores and evening skin-tone. It also, moisturizes the body while regenerating the skin back to a healthy state.

Mint Eucalyptus



Lemon Lime

Cucumber Melon

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Salt Cave therapy did wonders to me, and quite unexpectedly I must admit. I went there on a recommendation of my cousin and I can attest that my issues have been improved greatly after a number of sessions.
We usually go to Sante Spa with the whole family that includes my wife and two daughters. We all benefit greatly from the services we receive and we all feel reinvigorated after the treatments. Thank you guys, we will see you soon!
We are really appreciative of the level of professional care we received and are really happy about the results it produced for us! Thank you very much!