All Wraps – 50 minutes


Cacao is among the most concentrated vegetable energy suppliers. It provides a treasury of minerals such as Magnesium and Zinc. Its beans contain theobromine, a mild stimulant that can have an energizing effect on the body. Chocolate is very moisturizing and softens the skin, leaving a luminous glow.


This powder is 100% natural and organic, containing all the active substances synthesized by this berry: tannins, omega 3, polyphenois and tocotrienols. It contains a high quantity of anti-oxidant and moisturizing substances for protecting and stimulating the epidermis functions. This treatment is great for ant-aging.

Fruit & Veggie

This firming body treatment contains a blend of oranges, carrots and ginger. It soothes dryness, improves vitality and promotes the appearance of toned, supple-looking skin. This treatment is good for toning.

Algae & Green Tea

Combing these two ingredients creates a slimming effect, while the powerful antioxidants found in the green tea refine the body against free radicals.


Caffeine has the ability to tone and even out skin texture. This treatment also has a slimming effect on the body and will help to protect the skin from the suns damaging rays all while leaving the skin smooth and energized.

Dead Sea Black Mud

Extremely rich in minerals – Magnesium, Potassium & Calcium. This treatment helps to rebalance the skin, renew and regenerate new cells, thus prevents aging. It also, promotes and increases proper blood circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen and removes the toxins from your skin. It stimulates new skin cells that assist in the breakdown of cellulite, thus toning and firming skin tissues. Beneficial for the relief of various skin problems, including psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Green Clay

Green clay has enormous absorbent powers due to the constitution of micro molecules. It literally “drinks” oils, toxic substances and impurities from your skin. Its toning action stimulates the skin by bringing fresh blood to the damaged skin cells, revitalizing the complexion, and tightening the pores. Purifying, absorbing, disinfectant, cleans the skin, anti-infectious & inti-inflammatory.

Algae & Grape

The combination of Algae and grape permits a slimming action due to the seaweed and an anti-aging action due to the red grape.

Essential Oil Clay Wraps – 50 Minutes

Pamper your body with a deep cleansing clay mask/wrap that draws out impurities while leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. The benefits of these essential oil wraps include removing toxins and heavy metals, detoxifying the body, helping to reduce cellulite, promoting firm, smooth, soft and toned skin. Also, helps to reduce bloating and fluid retention. Overall best for weight-loss.
Mint Eucalyptus | Lavender | Mandarin | Lemon Lime | Cucumber Melon


We offer 13 different body wraps, each with different benefits. Based on your goals and the results you are looking for, we will recommend a specific wrap just for you.


We may live in a polluted world, but the body wraps in our Thornhill location work to remove toxins, heavy metals, help to reduce cellulite, and leave you with firm, soft, toned, and healthy skin!


The treatments offered at our Thornhill body wraps spa draw out impurities, nourish your skin with minerals, while toning and moisturizing on a whole new level, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Unique Body Wraps

A body wrap treatment at our Thornhill Santé Healing Spa can offer many different benefits depending on which ones best suit your unique needs. We offer clients 13 different wraps, all of which harness the healing potential of different ingredients, to produce different, but equally remarkable results. Based on what you are looking to achieve, the esthetician will give her professional recommendation. If you need a true overall boost, you might opt to pamper yourself with a deep cleansing clay mask wrap. It draws out toxins and heavy metals, helps to reduce cellulite, promotes firm, smooth, soft and toned skin, and even helps to reduce bloating and fluid retention, making it the best body wrap treatment in Thornhill for weight loss. One thing’s for sure: you’ll leave feeling positively renewed!

Beneficial Treatments

All body wraps at our Thornhill location are 50 minutes long and range in price from $130-$250 for our luxury wraps. Our 24K Gold Luxury Wrap has powerful anti-aging properties which visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, combat free radicals, and help restore elasticity and tightness to the skin. Not to mention, they visibly reduce sun damage and age spots too! Any if our body wrap treatments can be paired with a massage or any of our other services, such as a massage or an oxygen therapy session. All wraps take place in the massage and esthetic room, providing a relaxing, tranquil environment in which to unwind and reap the benefits. At the Santé Healing Thornhill body wraps spa, your peace of mind is our pleasure!

– Premium Wraps –

24K Gold Luxury Wrap

This powerful ant-wrinkle protector delivers amazing skin-firming effects. A rich treatment that nourishes the skin to totally revive its natural youthful vibrancy. It visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines combats free radicals, enhances skin rejuvenation and helps restore elasticity and suppleness. If all these benefits aren’t enough it also slows down collagen depletion and the break down of elastin while stimulating cellular growth for a tightening effect with visible reduction of sun damage and age spots.

Fire & Ice (Weight-loss wrap)

Specifically designed to detoxify and cleanse the body by stimulating the lymphatic system, improving circulation, reducing water retention and removing toxins. First, a hot thermo-active gel is applied to the body that contains key ingredients to generate heat necessary for mobilization, break down and subsequent elimination of excess fat from the body. Next, a cold cryo gel is used to detoxify the body, returning it to it’s normal metabolic balance promoting excess fluid draining and breaks down stubborn cellulite, stimulating micro-circulation for radiant skin health. Refines and firms the skin. Also increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin.

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