Oxygen Bar – 30 min
Oxygen Bar – 45 min
Oxygen Bar – 60 min
Oxygen Cocktails
$10 / $6
Regular / Members
Oxygen Detox – 30 min
hand/foot detox & o2 therapy
Oxygen + Massage – 60 min
Holistic massage & o2 therapy
Oxygen Bar

Our bar seats 2 people at once. You get to choose from 4 different calming aromatherapy scents, and if breathing doesn’t seem like quite enough, there are magazines, books, oxygen cocktails, or tea offered too.


Why not elevate your massage experience by receiving oxygen therapy in Thornhill at the same time? You’ll simply be hooked up to the machine while receiving a massage of your choice!

Hand & Foot Detox

While placing your hands and feet onto warm Himalayan salt blocks, you can also receive oxygen therapy at our spa in Thornhill to enhance the benefits even more. Try the lavender scent for ultimate relaxation!

Our Therapy

Oxygen therapy is fairly new to Canada, although oxygen bars are commonly seen in Las Vegas and Miami. It’s no wonder the therapy is up and coming: it’s brimming with amazing health benefits. The fact is, oxygen plays a vital role in overall human health. Our oxygen is enhanced with aromas derived from natural sources: guests can choose from lavender mandarin, eucalyptus, spearmint, or lemongrass. It’s a truly great way to increase energy levels, strengthen the heart, relieve headaches and hangovers, improve endurance and quality of sleep, reduce stress, diminish muscle recovery time, and improve memory and concentration. Simply take a seat at our oxygen bar for a Thornhill oxygen therapy treatment, or pair it with a massage or a hand and foot detox for an even more robust experience.

Stress Reduction

Our bodies require adequate oxygen intake to deal with stress resulting from toxins, emotions, trauma, infections and poor dietary choices. We look forward to helping you make healthy choices! Guest at our Santé healing Spa receiving a Thornhill oxygen therapy treatment are asked to fill out a standard health form before receiving any treatments. After this, you will be led either to the oxygen bar, massage room, or hand and foot detox room, and hooked up to the specialized oxygen machine with comfortable nasal tubes. You can then choose from an array of enticing aromatherapy scents and a knowledgeable member of staff will throughly explain the benefits of the treatment to you. We can accommodate 2 guests at a time, so couple’s treatments are very common as well.


“Oxygen Bars are for recreational and entertainment only and are not used for the treatment of any medical condition or illness.”
Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

There are numerous health benefits to oxygen therapy. Oxygen is after all responsible for producing up to 90% of your body’s energy. The benefits an oxygen treatment include increasing your energy, improving endurance, enhancing performance, increasing speed, reducing stress and reducing recovery times from fatigue. There are many more benefits to breathing in oxygen-enriched air at an oxygen bar.

These include:
  • Heightened concentration, alertness, and memory
  • Increase in energy (90% of our energy comes from oxygen, and only 10% from food and water)
  • 50-70% increase of oxygen in each cell
  • Quicker recovery after physical exertion
  • Quicker recovery from fatigue
  • Improvement in digestion and cell metabolism
  • Relief of muscle stiffness
  • Improvement in sleep patterns
  • Oxidization of impurities in the body
  • Improvement in endurance
  • Reduced stress

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Oxygen Cocktails

Oxygen cocktails are flavorsome foam-like substances that are eaten with a spoon so that the bubbles of oxygen get into the bloodstream and lymph system unbroken. It may be surprising, but the cocktail allows for pure 90% oxygen, that are locked in the bubbles, to get into the bloodstream 5 times faster than they would through the lungs. Some specific benefits of Oxygen cocktails include weight loss, immunity from sickness, increased metabolism, improved circulation, improved respiratory and nervous system functionality, better quality of sleep, they promote anti-aging and do much more!

Cocktails Therapy Benefits

When combined with Himalayan Salt Caves, oxygen cocktails provide increased revitalization in the body’s organisms. When used occasionally, infused with pure oxygen, these cocktails strengthen the immune system, improve quality of rest, increase efficiency and boost metabolism. Beneficial for participants of all ages, the combination of Oxygen cocktails and Himalayan Salt Caves boosts body’s vitality and energy levels as it feels like a stimulating long walk in a woodland forest.

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Salt Cave therapy did wonders to me, and quite unexpectedly I must admit. I went there on a recommendation of my cousin and I can attest that my issues have been improved greatly after a number of sessions.
We usually go to Sante Spa with the whole family that includes my wife and two daughters. We all benefit greatly from the services we receive and we all feel reinvigorated after the treatments. Thank you guys, we will see you soon!
We are really appreciative of the level of professional care we received and are really happy about the results it produced for us! Thank you very much!