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Our holistic health spa services in Thornhill are a labour of love: we pride ourselves on going above and beyond simply offering a relaxing experience. We are happy to offer our clients with meaningful treatment and relief of a wide variety of health conditions. Santé Healing Spa is unique in that we incorporate the use of pink Himalayan salt throughout our treatments to address respiratory ailments (asthma, bronchitis, COPD); arthritis symptoms (stiffness, soreness, and swelling); skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema); as whole body detoxification needs, muscle and joint pain, and chronic coughs, congestion, and sinus infections. Our knowledgeable staff are proud to provide effective healing to our community as well as practical education on holistic treatment alternatives!

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Salt Cave Halo-Therapy


We offer classes within the salt caves: a Yin Yoga class Saturdays at 10AM, a Flow Yoga class Thursdays at 6PM, and a guided meditation Thursdays at 7:15PM.

Details and pricing
Couple’s Salt Cave Massage

Guests have the salt caves all to themselves with this 2-in-1 treatment. Massage beds are set up there for a full body couple’s massage and halo-therapy session.


8 guests maximum recline in gravity chairs with blankets. The caves are kept between 18-20 degrees. There is no talking: you can read, or, for best results, practice focused breathing.

Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage

Choose from a variety of different massages, including the Holistic Full Body Massage, Swedish Salt Glow Massage, Bamboo Massage, 30-Minute Ache Away Massage, or the Hot Salt Stone Massage.

Couple’s Massage

Enjoy a private couples massage in a room with 2 beds. Choices include the Holistic Full Body Massage, Swedish Salt Glow Massage, Bamboo Massage, 30-Minute Ache Away Massage, and Hot Salt Stone Massage.

Oxygen Therapy

Opt for a relaxation massage while hooked up with a nasal tube to our Oxygen Therapy machine, and choose from different aromatherapy scents (lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, or lemongrass).

Couple’s Salt Cave Massage

Guests will have the salt cave to themselves with this 2-in-1 treatment. Massage beds are set up for a full body couple’s massage while receiving a simultaneous halo-therapy treatment.



We use a very reputable facial product from Spain called Casmara. We offer the Express Facial, Santé Facial, Deep Cleansing Facial, Teen Facial, Men’s Facial, and Back & Shoulder Facial, among others.

Body Scrubs

Choose from scrubs like our signature Himalayan Salt Scrub, Bamboo, Cranberry, Chocolate, Sweet Espresso, Coffee & Dead Sea Salt, or essential oil sugar scrubs like Lavender, Mandarin, Eucalyptus & Mint, Lemon Lime, and Cucumber Melon.

Body Wraps

We offer abundant body wrap options with different benefits to best suit your needs: Chocolate, Cranberry, Coffee, Dead Sea Black Mud, Algae & Green Tea, Fruit & Veggie, Green Clay, and Algae & Grape.

Cosmetic Procedures

At Santé Healing Thornhill Spa Services, We provide cosmetic procedures such as diamond microdermabrasion, hydro dermabrasion, LED light therapy, micro currant, and chemical peels. You have endless options!

Infrared Salt Sauna

Private Sauna

Guests have the sauna to themselves. Detoxify in an infrared sauna with the added benefit of pink Himalayan salt on the floor. When your feet touch the salt, your pores open up, facilitating the release of toxins.

Hand & Foot Detox

Oxygen Therapy

Sit in a comfy chair with your hands and feet resting on warm salt stones while hooked up to an oxygen machine. This 2-in-1 detox treatment stimulates circulation while boosting energy and mental clarity.

Hand & Foot Detox

Available for up to 4, prepare to relax your hands and feet on warm, glowing pink Himalayan salt stones that draw out toxins and water retention, stimulate the central nervous system, and improve inflammation.

Pink Salt Flotation Therapy

Couple’s Float

Our open concept glass tank accommodates 2 people, making it an unforgettable couple’s experience. Guests have a private room and shower for the hour. Towels, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and blow dryers provided.

Solo Float

If you decide to float alone, prepare to enjoy our large 6×5.5 foot tank all to yourself. Think of it as more spacious than traditional sensory deprivation pods, and more pleasant.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Bar

Guests at our Spa Services in Thornhill can take a seat at our oxygen bar and access this powerful specialized therapy, complete with magazines to read and oxygen cocktails to enjoy.

Hand & Foot Detox

Relax your hands and feet on glowing pink Himalayan salt stones as they draw out toxins, stimulate your nervous system, and promote circulation. Make it a 2-in-1 and get oxygen therapy simultaneously.

Massage Therapy

Enjoy a Holistic Full Body Massage, Swedish Salt Glow Massage, Bamboo Massage, 30-Minute Ache Away Massage, or the Hot Salt Stone Massage while receiving oxygen therapy at the same time.

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