Massage therapy has the power to relieve the body of muscle tension and facilitate the release of harmful toxins. Massage can vastly improve your quality of sleep, concentration levels, blood circulation, and overall toxin removal. At Santé Healing Spa in Thornhill we offer a wide variety of 30 or 60-minute massages, each with its own set of unique benefits for your body and mind. Specialized treatments of holistic massage therapy at our Spa in Thornhill include the following:

30 min – Ache Away
60 min – Swedish Salt Glow
60 min – Hot Salt Stone
60 min – Holistic Massage
Bamboo Fusion Massage
Couples Salt Cave Massage

* Couples massages available
* Pair any massage with Oxygen Therapy for additional $20 per person


Our massages are designed to make help you relax, and make you feel good, simply. They take place in a beautiful room with dim lighting, a warm, glowing fireplace, and soothing music.


The use of pink Himalayan salt in our massages nourishes your skin with over 80 powerful minerals, leaving it soft and glowing, and our massage techniques stimulate healthy blood circulation throughout the body.


We offer oxygen therapy paired with your choice of massage as well as several unique massages you won’t typically find at other spas: the Swedish Salt Glow, Hot Salt Stone Massage, and Bamboo Fusion.

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Couples Massage in the Salt Cave

Guests can enjoy solo holistic massage therapy in Thornhill or bring a friend/significant other along. Couple’s massages can be performed in either the massage room or salt cave. Choose your preferred massage and duration and we’ll do the rest!

Holistic Deep Tissue Massage

This is a full body relaxation massage using moderate pressure to ease muscle aches while stimulating healthy blood flow and a sense of calm. It’s meant to feel good and it does!

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo sticks of varying sizes are used to roll and knead your muscles for an incredible deep tissue massage. This unique treatment promotes circulation, lymphatic drainage, and a deep sense of wellbeing.

Sante Healing Spa

We provide unique
Hot Salt Stone Massage

Gentle pressure relaxes your muscles while your skin absorbs nourishing salt minerals and the warmth of hot stones are placed on your pressure points to release muscle tension: an unparalleled combination.

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Swedish Massage

A favorite among our clients, this treatment combines massage with a pink Himalayan salt scrub: an incredible way to get rid of any old, dead skin and leave you glowing.

Ache Away Massage

Specially designed for individuals who need fast relief from daily stresses, headaches, and knots, this massage focuses on releasing common tensions found in the head, neck, and shoulders.

Unlike Anything You’ve Experienced

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What clients say about
Sante Healing Spa services

Salt Cave therapy did wonders to me, and quite unexpectedly I must admit. I went there on a recommendation of my cousin and I can attest that my issues have been improved greatly after a number of sessions.
We usually go to Sante Spa with the whole family that includes my wife and two daughters. We all benefit greatly from the services we receive and we all feel reinvigorated after the treatments. Thank you guys, we will see you soon!
We are really appreciative of the level of professional care we received and are really happy about the results it produced for us! Thank you very much!