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Having the option of a natural, drug-free detoxification approach that alleviates arthritis symptoms and carpal tunnel pain while facilitating the absorption of magnesium and other key minerals is a godsend to many.


These days, most people are busy, stressed out, and overworked. The hand and foot salt detox in Thornhill works to calms the nerves and relax the body, leaving you in a serene, peaceful state.


The salt spa detox treatment in Thornhill is a new concept not commonly offered, yet has proven results for the relief of arthritis, carpal tunnel pain, and natural detoxification.

Hand & Foot Detox Treatment:

Our hand and foot detox treatment provides a variety of significant benefits. This unique treatment helps with arthritis symptoms like stiffness, soreness, and swelling, alleviates carpal tunnel pain, stimulates blood circulation, soothes anxiety, and decreases the buildup of calluses, leaving your hands and feet soft. Up to 4 guests are seated in leather chairs and asked to place their hands and bare feet directly onto warm Himalayan salt stones. The salt works to draws out water retention and toxins from the body through perspiration, and the heat from the stones causes the pores in your hands and feet to open up, facilitating the absorption of 84 important minerals found in the salt, including magnesium, which is often difficult for your body to obtain through the digestive process.


  • Reduces symptoms associated with Arthritis (stiffness, soreness, swelling).
  • Decreases Carpel Tunnel pain and discomfort.
  • Aids in edema and toxin flush.
  • Stimulates the nerve endings.
  • Exfoliates and decreases callous build -up.
  • Reduces muscle inflammation from stress, injury or poor hydration.
  • Increases overall blood circulation.
  • Detoxification; releasing waters and toxins.
  • Promotes relaxation

What to expect:

Guests are seated in leather chairs with their hands and feet placed on the warm stones for a duration of 30 minutes. Enjoy a cup of soothing herbal tea as you sit! The stones are kept at a temperature of 37-40 degrees. When the treatment is over, a wipe for hands and feet is offered and staff come in to tuck the feet trays in and ensure you have no difficulty standing. At Santé Healing Spa, we pride ourselves on impeccable hygiene, and as such, stones are cleaned after each and every hand and foot salt detox in our Thornhill location. Book a powerfully replenishing and detoxifying salt spa detox treatment in Thornhill when you’re ready to claim better health—because you deserve it.

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What clients say about
Sante Healing Spa services

Salt Cave therapy did wonders to me, and quite unexpectedly I must admit. I went there on a recommendation of my cousin and I can attest that my issues have been improved greatly after a number of sessions.
We usually go to Sante Spa with the whole family that includes my wife and two daughters. We all benefit greatly from the services we receive and we all feel reinvigorated after the treatments. Thank you guys, we will see you soon!
We are really appreciative of the level of professional care we received and are really happy about the results it produced for us! Thank you very much!